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Murder, Mystery, & 
Supernatural Hijinks
Where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and mysteries come alive!


A Powerhouse Mystery!


"Dr. Lucy Bray has an unusual, seemingly psychic, ability, one she has employed to use to catch killers. One she used to catch the man who had abducted and terrorized her twin sister. She found and almost killed him. She was incarcerated in a psych ward. Now, to catch a serial killer, the FBI needs those skills again—but on a ‘leash’. This was a fascinating novel written in a very cinematic way, making it a pleasure to read, even with all the violence depicted. Somehow the new killer is connected to the one who had assaulted Gigi, Lucy’s sister. Now the new killer is targeting young women and taunting Lucy. I enjoyed this fast-paced, menacing tale with its satisfying, police procedural-type entertainment. Highly recommended!"


                                                     ~ Glass River Amazon Reviewer

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Kate Allenton loves reading and writing romance, mystery, and suspense while including a supernatural flare. 

She offers a reading escape where strong women with special abilities have to fight for their happily-ever-after and sometimes the line between good and evil is blurred.  

Most of her books are set in Florida because she craves sunlight. If she had to choose between being psychic or having a super power, she’d pick psychic ever time. 

​She was a 2014 Rom Con Reader Finalist in Romantic Suspense for her book, Deadly Desire (Carrington-Hill Investigations). ​In 2017 her book, Maid of Honor, in the Wedding Dreams Box Set hit the USA Today Bestsellers List.


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