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Veiled Threats

Book 4 in the Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series


Amber Cantrell has had her fair share of good times along with the bad. Watching her best friend find happily ever after has left her feeling the void in her own life. With a change of career, she's ready to find the right man to make the rest of her dreams come true. 


Self-proclaimed permanent bachelor and security specialist, Aiden Monroe has a way with women. Flirting is his natural pastime, as easy for him as hitting a target at the firing range. Chicks dig danger, and he isn't afraid to use that to his advantage. 


When Amber’s grandmother goes missing and her ex-stalker is released from prison, she'll play every hand up her sleeve, even if it means pretending to play house with the last man on earth she'd ever marry. 


Helping Amber track down her grandmother is more than a mission. It's a must. Being best friends with his boss is just one of Amber’s many perks. Aiden’s taught her how to shoot, he's taught her how to defend herself, and it was only a matter of time before he’d teach her things beneath the sheets.


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