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A chance encounter, a quick fling, and Alexis Love’s life is forever changed. 

Ex-Marine Cole Buchanan has seen his fair share of hate and ugly in the world. He’s experienced it up close and personal. When a move to Love Island sets him on a new path as the fire chief, he’s all too happy to leave his troubles behind. He’s got it all—a beautiful house and a job he enjoys, fighting evil in a whole new way, one flame at a time. 

Beautician Alexis Love has been called many things by her family. Mother Nature on crack is the most accurate, thanks to her unusual DNA. The weather and the vibrations of the earth are her playground. Blatant glances from the sexy fireman during her daily jogs turn the heat between them into a living, breathing inferno. When her cousins warn her that he’s not her type, she’ll prove just how wrong they are. She’s waited long enough for him to make the first move; it’s time to up her game. When Cole catches her skinny-dipping in the hot springs, it’s the perfect way to break the ice. A quick fling with the sexy man may be just the thing to raise their heat to all new levels. 

When Cole’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a deadly voyeur watching in the shadows, his lust for the beautician puts more than her reputation in danger. It threatens her life, and Cole won’t let anything stand in his way of keeping Alexis safe. Even Alexis herself. 






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