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Lifting the Veil

Book 1 in the Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series


Unemployed accountant Sophie Masterson never dreams that a trip to Salem on Halloween night will change her life forever. When a birthday gift of a psychic reading is thrust upon her by her best friend, Sophie has no choice but to play along. She wants the winning lottery numbers but, instead, receives something far more ominous—a warning of things to come. Being told her own clairvoyant abilities will soon surface should be enough to send any woman running to hide. Throw in the possibility that something sinister is headed her way and all she wants is an easy out.


When asked to help her brother, the police chief, with some easy filing, she’s sure that her problems are over. She now has an income, a job, and a safe haven where she can relax. What she doesn’t expect is that one of those files will be the catalyst to set the wheels in motion for the predictions to come true.


Detective Jack Love has a hard time following instructions. When his latest bust gets him benched, and shoved in the cold case filing room, the last thing he expects is to be tasked with babysitting the chief’s sister. When unqualified and in-need-of-medication Sophie gets the crazy idea to play detective on a case gone cold, there is little he can do to dissuade her from investigating.


Attempting to keep her clairvoyant abilities a secret, Sophie Masterson thrusts herself into a cold case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever. She doesn’t hold out much hope for solving the case, much less keeping her secret, especially when the dead seek her out to tell their tales.


When Sophie plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with winner takes all, it’s no longer the dead that scare her, but Jack Love. Surviving with her heart intact now ranks at the top of her list.





Beyond the Veil

Book 2 in the Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series


Clairvoyant Sophie Masterson finally got the job of her dreams as head of Dixon Security’s Psychic Division. She was sure that being a voice for the dead victims would make solving her cases a piece of cake. When a killer pulls her into his deadly game - looking for revenge against the people she loves most - and the voices in her head go silent, it will take some quick thinking to figure out the killer’s identity and take him out before he strikes again. With her boyfriend aiming to get her fired, her boss trying to get her into bed, and a group of men who think she’s made for fetching coffee instead of fighting crime, she’ll have to prove more than her worth to all of them if she wants to survive her latest case.





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Veiled Intentions

Book 3 in the Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series


Clairvoyant, Sophie Masterson has been cheated on, lied to, and underestimated at every turn since she found out she had gifts. But her luck has finally changed. She has a family that loves her, a best friend that keeps her sane, and the one man who has always believed in her wants to date. When the Pentagram killer strikes her local coven and fresh clues emerge on a case that has haunted her dreams, she'll stop at nothing to slay the demons and put the killer behind bars.

Dixon Security owner, Marshall Dixon knew that Sophie was meant to be his the first time he laid eyes on her. Keeping his distance while she dated his best friend had been a challenge, yet he stayed true to his words waiting patiently in the wings ready to win her heart. Trusting and believing in Sophie’s ability had never been an issue in the past. When his heart is on the line and her safety is threatened, it will take all of his resolve and loyalty not to break the trust that glues the foundation of their newfound relationship.

With coven members dying and the suspect list multiplying, it will be a race against time to unravel the clues and catch the killer before they both get sucked into his deadly game. 


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Veiled Threats

Book 4 in the Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series


Amber Cantrell has had her fair share of good times along with the bad. Watching her best friend find happily ever after has left her feeling the void in her own life. With a change of career, she's ready to find the right man to make the rest of her dreams come true. 


Self-proclaimed permanent bachelor and security specialist, Aiden Monroe has a way with women. Flirting is his natural pastime, as easy for him as hitting a target at the firing range. Chicks dig danger, and he isn't afraid to use that to his advantage. 


When Amber’s grandmother goes missing and her ex-stalker is released from prison, she'll play every hand up her sleeve, even if it means pretending to play house with the last man on earth she'd ever marry. 


Helping Amber track down her grandmother is more than a mission. It's a must. Being best friends with his boss is just one of Amber’s many perks. Aiden’s taught her how to shoot, he's taught her how to defend herself, and it was only a matter of time before he’d teach her things beneath the sheets.


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