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(The Love Family Series Book 1)

Shop owner Skylar Love and her family have lived on the same island her ancestors discovered several centuries ago. Her life isn’t perfect, but it’s hers. After dumping her lying, cheating boyfriend, she isn't surprised when her brother tries to bribe their best friend to take her out on a pity date. When she finally agrees, her life turns on a dime.


Multimillionaire Luke Tanner made his fortune in New York, building his pharmaceutical company from the ground up. With an upcoming birthday and a longing to return to the one place where he can be himself, he goes home to Love Island to find the family and friends he left behind. His best friend’s sister, Skylar Love, has always been off-limits, an unspoken code between friends. When he gets home to find her all grown up and single, he knows it’s time he stepped up his game before someone else snatches her up.


With plans to build a lab on the Island and move back home, he finally talks her into a date. When the date goes south and someone tries to kill them both, winning her heart takes a backseat to keeping them both alive while they figure out the mystery of who’s behind the threat. Her gift of seeing colored energy is the only way to keep them alive, and she’ll risk more than her heart to keep the people she loves safe. She’ll risk her life. 


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(The Love Family Series Book 2)


Sherriff Declan Love is a straight arrow. Everything is black and white in his line of work. Using his ability of a human lie detector to catch criminals has made his professional life a piece of cake. He was born to protect all of the citizens on the Island. So naturally when his sister’s best friend, Olivia Parks, starts to avoid his questions and is seen around town on dates with men he doesn’t know, he’s left with little option but to find out what she’s up to, if nothing more than to save her from the heartache sure to follow. 

Shop owner Olivia Parks is tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting for Declan Love to ask her out. When her best friend, Skylar Love, starts planning her wedding, it’s even more apparent that Olivia will always be stuck in Declan’s friend zone. Time is ticking to find the perfect wedding date, and she is seriously out of practice. With the help of friends, Olivia is determined to prove to herself once and for all that she can be a desirable woman, even if Declan is too blind to notice. A little practice dating is just what she needs to get back in the game. 

Sparks fly and tempers heat when a hot football player decides to join the game giving Declan a run for his money to catch the prize of his life. The only thing Olivia stands to lose is her heart. 


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Flynn Love knows a thing or two about women. When he loses a bet to his buddy and is forced to play tour guide and babysitter to the man’s little sister, he’s warned she can be a handful and is always attracted to losers. Flynn has one job: show her around her new home on Love Island and scare away the creeps while winning her over with his charm. Should be a piece of cake, right? 

Wrong. Expecting some nerdy scientist with a big brain and even bigger glasses, he’s stunned to find out the woman he’s to spend time with turns out to be sex in spiked heels with an even sharper tongue. 

Mia Stewart has had a tough time of late with break-ins at her home and a mugging that sent her to the emergency room. The universe is conspiring against her and screwing her at every turn. When her boss offers her a job at his new lab on a luxurious island to continue her research, she jumps at the chance to sneak away from the troubles plaguing her and leave them behind. 

When trouble follows her to the Island and threatens her new life, she’ll rely on the one person her brother trusts to keep her safe, even if the two clash in every way but sexual tension. When things heat up, it’s more than her life on the line she needs to worry about. It’s her heart. 

Can the playboy change his ways, or is he a brain cell shy of keeping up? 


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Reed Love is more than a computer genius and hacker extraordinaire thanks to his DNA. He has a love-hate relationship with the invisible pop-up boxes that appear around everyone he meets and the ease with which he can access that data. Pictures, financial data, passwords, it doesn’t matter what the information or how deep in the web strangers try to disguise it. Reed has access, and these boxes dance in front of him, enticing him to look. 

Handler Avery Malone enjoys life and traveling to exotic locales to keep the operatives under her charge safe and out of trouble. She thrives on adventure and the pressure of being the one person who calls the shots. 

When Reed Love, the brother of one of her operatives, shows up on her doorstep with messages about encrypted thumb drives and going underground, she knows she’s going to have her hands full getting to the truth. 

Reed and Avery match wits and sparks fly while they try to unravel the trail of bread crumbs left behind in a web of secrets, lies, and deceit. 


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A chance encounter, a quick fling, and Alexis Love’s life is forever changed. 

Ex-Marine Cole Buchanan has seen his fair share of hate and ugly in the world. He’s experienced it up close and personal. When a move to Love Island sets him on a new path as the fire chief, he’s all too happy to leave his troubles behind. He’s got it all—a beautiful house and a job he enjoys, fighting evil in a whole new way, one flame at a time. 

Beautician Alexis Love has been called many things by her family. Mother Nature on crack is the most accurate, thanks to her unusual DNA. The weather and the vibrations of the earth are her playground. Blatant glances from the sexy fireman during her daily jogs turn the heat between them into a living, breathing inferno. When her cousins warn her that he’s not her type, she’ll prove just how wrong they are. She’s waited long enough for him to make the first move; it’s time to up her game. When Cole catches her skinny-dipping in the hot springs, it’s the perfect way to break the ice. A quick fling with the sexy man may be just the thing to raise their heat to all new levels. 

When Cole’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a deadly voyeur watching in the shadows, his lust for the beautician puts more than her reputation in danger. It threatens her life, and Cole won’t let anything stand in his way of keeping Alexis safe. Even Alexis herself. 









Gifted empath and security expert Landon Love has spent a lifetime trying to keep everyone at arm’s length, never wanting to know what people personally think about him. His gift of sensing emotions isn’t one he’d wish on anyone…ever. 

This new assignment should be a walk in the park. His orders are to keep his target safe from those wanting to kill her and to use any force necessary to make sure she stays alive. He’s actually smug about the cushy assignment. How hard can it be to keep one small woman alive, right? 

His superiors left out one tiny vital fact when they sold him on the assignment. The place he has to take her is the last place on earth he wants to go, the one place he’s spent years avoiding. Landon Love is going home. 

Dr. Alice Page has had enough excitement to last her a lifetime. After being sent a thumb drive that led to the indictments and arrests of some influential people involved in a baby trafficking ring, she’s glad to get away from it all. They’ve promised to keep her safe and sound and out of sight while the last few families are found. Her identity is still a mystery, but she, too, is one of the babies that had been sold, though she doesn’t know by whom. With a security team assigned to keep her alive, she’s determined to uncover the truth. 

She has a contract on her head to silence her, and Landon has to find a way to weave through her charged emotions to uncover the truth to a very dangerous question. Who is Alice Page? 









Lucy Abbott has experienced enough death to last a lifetime. When she marries a man who helps her through a tough time, she thinks their marriage is forever. There’s only one problem—his idea of forever doesn’t include a life with her. When she overhears his plan to kill her on their honeymoon, she does what any sane person would do. She changes her identity and runs for her life. On the run and out of money, Lucy gets a job and hides out in the last place her husband would ever look, Love Island. Keeping a low profile until she has a chance to figure out her next move should be a piece of cake on an Island full of tourists. 

Veterinarian Gabe Love has a secret, and it isn’t his love for animals. He has an ability that allows him to hear a person’s thoughts as if they said the words aloud. No one but his close family knows what he’s capable of, and he’s kept it secret his entire life. When his path crosses with a new Island resident and he overhears her thoughts, all he wants to do is help without explaining how he knows. 

He thinks getting the woman to trust him when she flinches from his simple touch is going to be one of the hardest challenges of his life. He’s wrong. As their trust and attraction for each other grows, so does the chance that both of their secrets will be exposed. Falling for a woman who‘s already married is hard enough. Keeping her alive might just get them both killed.



















True crime novelist Scarlett Denton has met her fair share of seedy criminals locked away behind bars. When the elusive crime boss Salvatore summons her to write his story, she thinks this might finally be her big break. Salvatore is a mastermind at avoiding jail time, and she is about to be told exactly how he’s able to stay free. When he drops the bombshell at their interview that his isn’t the story she’s going to write, Scarlett decides it’s high time to put the crime boss in his place. Until he offers her another story that is even more enticing, which involves secrets and a cover-up within the FBI. 

When ex-FBI agent and security specialist Jackson Love receives a call from his sister that her best friend has been hit by a car, she asks him to go make sure everything is okay. When he gets to the hospital, finds Scarlett, and hears the reason why she ran into oncoming traffic, he knows she’ll never be safe until she gets her answers. 

On the run to uncover the clues the informant left behind, they’ll have to outthink and outmaneuver the same men he’s trusted during his entire career—his friends and old colleagues at the FBI. 

Jackson thought the chase was bad, but once he gets his hands on the information, he realizes things are worse than they seem. His own secrets and those of his family are about to be exposed, and he’ll do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen. 
















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