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Rotten Apple

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 1.



He’s a by-the-book kind of guy, and she’s a lawbreaker at heart. 

Gwen Bennett

As an operative with a hidden talent, I know how to keep my clients safe. It’s ingrained in my unusual DNA, and I’m damn good at my job. 

So, when a thief swindles my grandmother out of a fortune and flees to a private island that’s by invite only, I’m determined to find access, even if that means taking a job I don’t want for a family I’d rather avoid. 

Maxwell Pierce

She needs me. 
There’s desperation in her eyes. 
I have something she wants. 
And I know it. 
When my brother sends me to recruit Gwen Bennett for a job after she’s turned him down, I thought it would be more difficult to make a deal. Offering to share my island suite and my bed was more than enough to get her to agree. Now I just need to get her to realize that my sister's life is on line and that's worth more than any money she can hope to recoup.

They’ll have to get creative to keep from losing it all when lives, a family fortune, and their hearts hang in the balance.





Pay Dirt.jpg

Pay Dirt

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 2.



She’s a finder of lost things, and he’s searching for answers only she can provide.

Cassie Bennett


I have a knack for hunting and finding missing things. It makes my job and clients interesting. Whether it’s locating bail jumpers or finding missing treasures, my special skill helps me restore order to the world. 
Until one of my clients ends up dead and my secret ability is exposed. Now I’ve made it onto the FBI’s radar and my life is in danger. 

Nathan Murray


As an FBI Agent, I’ve made it my career to hunt criminals and throw them behind bars. 
When proof surfaces that one of my mother’s killers isn’t dead and is in the wind, I’ll use everything in my power to catch him.
Including believing in the beautiful quirky woman that has crossed my path. I don’t care what woo-woo abilities she claims to use, as long as she can deliver this guy’s location. 
The need to catch the killer wars with my desire to keep Cassie safe. 
The balance is tilting, and I’m helpless to stop it. 

Find out what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted. 




Down and Dirty.jpg

Down & Dirty

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 3.



Faith Bennett

I have a knack for dealing with ghosts.
I can see them.
I can hear them.
And sometimes, just like children throwing a temper tantrum, they’re in need of a time out.
When a ghost appears that looks like my sister, and asks me to help find her body, of course, I’m willing to try.
Even if that means searching through trash at the town dump.

Keaton Daniels

Seven missing women.
A single clue.
A journey to the one woman I can’t afford to lose.
Faith knows where the bodies are buried and I need her help.
The sparks between us are as real as the danger I’m putting her in.
I can’t afford to let the attraction derail my focus. I need to catch this killer before Faith is in the killer’s crosshairs and she becomes the next woman to disappear.





Hard to Hold

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 4



Nina Bennett

When I sense someone in trouble, I’m the first to volunteer my help.
My premonitions give me an edge, but don’t always warn me when trouble is headed my way.
It’s hard to be a savior when you’re the one who needs help.
And when Harlon Simmons barrels into my life, trouble stared me straight in the eyes and laughed. The man needs my help, and won’t take no for an answer.

Harlon Simmons

I scoffed when a psychic friend claimed I needed help from a woman I’d save in the woods. But Nina Bennett, my damsel in distress, has a track record of her premonitions coming true.
Convincing her to help save my sister should have been easy…after all, Nina admitted I was the man who’d starred in her dreams. But dreams aren’t real life, and I didn’t have time to play the role of Prince Charming.

Together, we try to invoke her premonitions, but the result is…unexpected. She is knocked unconscious, leaving me with no option but to kidnap her and ask for forgiveness later.


Someone is trying to kill Harlon's loved ones and time is running out.





Sour Layer

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 5



Mercy Bennett

Death isn’t a mystery to me.
Thanks to my ability it only takes a single touch to know when people are going to die.
That’s how I know a member of my missing family tree is alive. Touching her picture brought me to this freezing little town in the middle of nowhere Colorado and I’m not leaving without the answers.
When those answers are held hostage until I prove what I can do, I’m not above using my ability in questionable ways to achieve the answers I seek.
Determining the fate of residents who have disappeared should be a piece of cake.
Until my ability goes haywire and I need to rely on more than just my touch.
I’ll have to embrace something much more deadly that I keep locked away deep inside.

Clark Weller


I’ve spent my entire life protecting this town’s secrets from strangers who could do more harm than good.
That’s why I wear the badge.
So, when a sexy woman shows up threatening to bust the town secrets wide open, I’m determined to stop her before she exposes the people I care for most.
Trusting her isn’t an option and neither is ignoring our explosive attraction.

The only question left is if we’ll survive the sparks long enough to explore our potential future together.



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Train Wreck

Bennett Dynasty Series Book 6



I’m not looking for Mr. Right; I’m hiding from him.

Honor Bennett

I’d spent years trusting a man who did nothing but break my heart and steal from me. Yet, I’d managed to put my life back together and pack away those memories.
So, when an armed stranger fleeing from trouble literally falls into my arms, I’m determined to run the first chance I get.
Until he says my name and tells me I’m no stranger at all.

Hugh MacCabe

Somewhere in her tidy home, Honor Bennett has the proof I need, and I’m not leaving without it.
The damning evidence will convict a criminal I’ve been chasing for six long years.
The crime was personal for both of us. She just didn’t know it, and I wasn’t going to tell her.
The lies I’m feeding her will have to suffice because I doubt she’ll ever be able to handle the truth.
When danger threatens, we’ll both take a deadly trip down memory lane where our lives and hearts hang in the balance.



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