Kate-Allenton---Grave Wrong- Final- Lost

Grave Wrong

Lost Soul Society Book 1

Even the dead can hold a grudge.

Seeing ghosts is hard. Forcing them into the light is harder.

Psychic Ryley St. James is hiding from a past that wants her dead. She desires a normal life without the need to hide in the shadows, or look over her shoulder every day. The problem is, there’s a long line of crazy in her family she can’t ignore.

Ryley doesn’t have many friends, not living ones anyway. Vulnerability almost killed her once and she won’t let it happen again. So, when one of the few who are close to her is stalked by a vengeful ghost, Ryley’s determined to find the answers about the spirit’s mysterious death. But the ghost turns her haunted eyes on Ryley and suddenly the living aren’t the only ones who want her dead.

With the ghost trying to kill her and her identity outed, the life that needs saving is her own.

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Where Secrets And Mysteries Collide