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Kate-Allenton---Grave Wrong- Final- Lost

Grave Wrong

Lost Soul Society Book 1

Even the dead can hold a grudge.

Seeing ghosts is hard. Forcing them into the light is harder.

Psychic Ryley St. James is hiding from a past that wants her dead. She desires a normal life without the need to hide in the shadows, or look over her shoulder every day. The problem is, there’s a long line of crazy in her family she can’t ignore.

Ryley doesn’t have many friends, not living ones anyway. Vulnerability almost killed her once and she won’t let it happen again. So, when one of the few who are close to her is stalked by a vengeful ghost, Ryley’s determined to find the answers about the spirit’s mysterious death. But the ghost turns her haunted eyes on Ryley and suddenly the living aren’t the only ones who want her dead.

With the ghost trying to kill her and her identity outed, the life that needs saving is her own.

Grave Mistake.jpg

Grave Mistake

Lost Soul Society Book 2

Psychic Ryley St. James has a million problems, but a haunted house isn’t one of them.


Until now.


When a woman is attacked in a haunted house and sent to the hospital fighting for her life, her powerful fiancé blackmails Ryley into uncovering the deadly secrets hidden on the property.  


The house reeks of ill warnings and bad tidings. This isn’t what Ryley calls a typical haunting. It’s an infestation, and the evil spirits residing inside refuse to cooperate. 


Now she’ll have to risk her life to save her brother’s career, her multi-million-dollar foundation, and her new unorthodox family.


She might die trying, but failure and losing it all is not an option. 

Grave Shelter

Grave Shelter.png

Lost Soul Society Book 3

Some secrets are worth dying to protect.

Twenty years ago, a woman with a secret vanished, only to turn up murdered a year later on the same shoreline where she’d disappeared.

And now it’s happening again.

Psychic Ryley St. James has found a killer’s dumping ground.

Six dead bodies took their secrets to a watery grave.

And now Ryley’s name has been added to the killer’s hit list.

She refuses to be number seven.

Her entire life is shrouded in mysteries and unspoken secrets. Ryley is the perfect victim for this predator, and time is of the essence to get her affairs in order.

And that includes sidelining the sexy new stranger that has just walked into her life that she’s unsure is friend or foe.   

She’ll have to unmask and outsmart a killer in hopes of sending him to his grave before he kills her first.

With her life hanging in the balance, she’s playing a game she’s unsure she can win. 

Grave Secrets

Lost Soul Society Book 4

Everyone has secrets, some deadlier than others. Psychic Ryley St. James's secrets threaten to kill her, and now both the living and the dead are out for blood.

There’s nothing that Ryley hates worse than her father, but serial killers rank a close second. Alive or dead, they're all the same—they need to be stopped.

When a ghostly serial killer torments a young girl, Ryley must put an end to his reign of terror and figure out a way to shove him into the great beyond.

But when a fellow psychic turns up dead, and another one suddenly goes missing, Ryley suspects that it's not just the ghostly threats she needs to worry about. There's also a live predator lurking somewhere in the shadows.

As she gets closer to the truth, she’s forced to confront her own personal demons. Her father's sinister presence is getting dangerously close to her life, the reapers are demanding answers, and the ghostly serial killer wants to add her to his body count.

It's not a matter of if she'll die but who will get credit for killing her first.

Can she keep it together long enough to battle the secrets from her past and deal with these new killers before it's too late?

Grave Justice

Lost Soul Society Book 5

Ryley's quest to save her brother's life turns desperate when the dead refuse to talk.

Psychic Ryley St. James' life spirals into chaos when her estranged father arrives in town with the Grim Reaper at his heels.

To make matters worse, her boyfriend is keeping secrets, and the reaper training she desperately needs is postponed.

When her brother falls into a coma after a sinister attack, and a teenager's murder demands justice, Ryley's psychic abilities are put to the ultimate test.

Straddling the line between the living and the dead, Ryley is in the killer's crosshairs, racing against time to unravel the truth and unmask the killer to save her brother’s life.

Ryley is forced to face the secrets that threaten to destroy not only her life but her very existence.

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Where Secrets And Mysteries Collide


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