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Controlled Chaos- The other Bennett'
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Controlled Chaos

Clara Bennett

Doing the right thing means I have to die.
My secret precognitive abilities warned me so. There is no changing my fate, no matter how hard I try.
When I take a gunshot wound to the chest, my final resting place will be a shallow grave.
If only I knew who will pull the trigger.
My lifetime of running won’t help me now.
It’s too late for that.
There is no walking away from this moment or from the man I was destined to love for the rest of my life, no matter how little time I may have left.

Porter Anderson

I needed the help of the one woman who is avoiding me at all cost.
This is just my luck.
This is personal, and long-overdue where answers are on the line.
Getting her to agree is going to be impossible, especially when we met and I discovered that she sees only her impending demise in my eyes.
I’m going to have to get creative in convincing her to help solve my case and, more importantly, figuring out how to keep her alive.

Finding Chaos

A paranormal journalist exposing the truth. A man with secrets best left hidden. A heat that threatens to burn them both.

Destiny Blake
Everyone has secrets, including me.
When my friend goes missing while researching a story about me, I have to stop him before it’s too late.
Only problem is the mountainous terrain is as much a mystery to me as the man who’s leading the search. Trusting each other isn’t going to be easy, especially when the ranger responsible for my safety harbors secrets of his own.

Walker Bennett
Doing my job and keeping my family’s secrets most days is easy, and as a forest ranger, isolated on the outskirts of town, tracking down poachers is my idea of a good day.
Until I met my Destiny.
I’ve been ordered to help a sexy, smart paranormal reporter search for her missing friend.
She’s inquisitive, in search of a good story, and it will take every bit of my concentration to keep my secrets off her radar.
Finding her friend isn’t my problem. The more time I spend with her, the more I hope her friend stays lost.
Exploring a relationship with the woman who sets my blood on fire will have to wait. With danger lurking around every tree and an inexperienced hiker in my care, I have to locate her friend and get them both off the mountain—story-less and alive.

A woman without a name. A man that wants to help her remember. A past that’s willing to kill to stop them both.

Left for dead on a mountain with no memory, Jane Doe will try anything to figure out the mystery behind her identity, even if that means walking back into a dangerous life.

When the police run her prints, and she’s wanted for questioning in a federal crime, the clock starts ticking to figure out details of who she is if she doesn’t want to spend her future behind bars.

Nick Bennett knows a thing or two about amnesia and how to help people remember. As a shrink, he understands that sometimes the most painful memories are the ones that try to stay buried deep.

With Nick’s help putting the pieces of her puzzling past back together, they’ll have to move fast to uncover the truth before the killer gets a second chance, and this time tries to silence them both.

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Killing Chaos

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Reclaiming Chaos

Not many criminals can stay two steps ahead of FBI Agent Ridge Bennett. With his heightened intuition and legendary gut instinct, he always completes his assignment, bringing villains to justice.

Until Her.

Carlee Tate’s desire to stay alive outweighs every rational thought. When her boss uses her premonitions for his personal agenda, she’s willing to walk away from his greed and take her gift of prophecy with her. Is it really stealing if the information was hers from the start?

Apparently, the FBI thinks so.

But when her deadly predictions take an unexpected turn and endangers the lives of everyone she loves, she’ll have to convince the sexy FBI agent to work with her instead of throwing her in jail. Because the only way to change the outcome and avoid an early grave is by working together.

Is it really losing when she’s the one calling the shots?

Destined Chaos.jpg

Destined Chaos

Libby Slaughter’s clients pay her well for advice thanks to her all-knowing abilities. Her intuition has never let her down or steered her wrong.

Until now.

Her grandfather’s dying wish was for her to live at Slaughter House. But the run-down mansion is the last place she wants to be. It’s the home her mother ran from when Libby was a child. Memories of growing up in that house still give her nightmares.

Selling the house is the only option she’ll consider. But when ghosts slow down the much-needed remodel, she is forced to return just long enough to oversee the construction and sell fast. Only with every mile that she gets closer, her clairvoyant abilities turn foggy, and she has no idea what surprises to expect.

Least of all him.

Hugh Bennett isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. His dream of owning Slaughter house is within his grasp, and he’ll do whatever it takes to move the renovations forward.

With multiple offers for the mansion on the table, Hugh’s determined to prove he’s the right buyer. To realize his dream, he’ll have to keep his eyes on the target and ignore the growing attraction to the smart, beautiful owner that wields the ability to bring him to his knees.

If the ghosts in the house doesn’t kill them first, his attraction for Libby just might mean the death for them both.

Haunting Chaos.jpg

Haunting Chaos

She’s searching for a killer. He’s desperate to forget his past. Two psychics must fight their heated attraction while working together to unravel the mysteries surrounding a murder that neither saw coming.

Emmett Bennett has spent a decade burying his secrets to forget the past tragedy that still haunt his dreams. He was lucky to get away from the haunted hotel alive years ago. Not everyone did. His old mentor promised to destroy the video of that night.

He’d lied.

When a beautiful stranger shows up in need of Emmett’s help, wanting him to return to the one place he’s spent years trying to forget, he’s quick to tell her no.

Until she utters his mentor’s name.

It starts him back down the path to the Wedgwood hotel he’s not sure he’ll survive twice.

With a vengeful ghost out to kill him, he must keep his head in the game and off of the sexy stranger if he’s going to keep them both alive.

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Protecting Chaos

Soulmates of the heart. Strangers by choice.
They were destined to be together. It was smarter to stay apart.
She’s his best friend’s sister and a forbidden temptation.
His family secrets might destroy her future and dreams.

At least that’s what Ashton Bennett believed when he walked out of Stella Michaels’ life to work for the FBI. A badge proves handy to protect the ones he loves and keeps his secrets from being exposed. His life is far from perfect without Stella Michaels to share it, but it’s the one he chose years ago.

Stella Michaels is on the verge of having it all. She has the house, the friends, and a successful painting career. Her life is headed in the right direction, until health issues and a home break-in cause her brother to intervene. He sends the one man back into her life that is capable of destroying her heart again.

With Stella the target of a deadly threat and her life on the line, Ashton must fight the heat raging between them if he has any chance of saving her life.

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