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The Bennett Sisters

It was my hope when writing the Bennett Sisters series that I created strong women willing to go to any length to protect the ones they love. Join the entire Bennett family in their struggles through their discovery of life, love, and family as they use their paranormal talents to help guide them on their individual quests.

The entire series was written so that each book builds on each other, so it's best if you start with the first in the series.

Destined Hearts

(Bennett Sisters Book 7)

The last and final book in the Bennett Sisters Series. 

Lily Bennett has endured more than her fair share of loss in her life. When her fiancé is killed in a hit and run, her life changes on a dime. With her ability to see ghosts, she knows it’s just a matter of time before she’ll see him again, even if it isn’t in the flesh. When he shows up and refuses to leave, his presence is a constant reminder of the pain his death has caused her, and pulling herself out of memories and loss becomes a constant struggle. 
In need of change, Lily moves back to the last place she was happy. Being around friends and family is sure to help her climb out of the depression she can’t relinquish. When the perfect house comes on the market and calls to her soul, she ignores the rumors of the legendary tale of lost love and pirate treasure that surrounds the land. She jumps at the chance to be near the comfort of her family and start a new life. 

When a long-told fairytale, handed down through each generation of his family, pulls Dylan Sawyer from his sleep, he hears the voice of the woman he’s destined to love, calling to him from across the sea. There’s no denying that the myth his parents and grandparents have warned him about is true—it’s his turn to find his soul mate. He knows, in that moment, that his life is about to change forever. An unrelenting need to go to her and comfort her overwhelms him, and, in that instant, he knows the call of the ruby has been triggered, calling her to the property where he grew up. All of the Sawyer men have heeded the call, and all of the women have been drawn to them like a moth to a flame. It is written in stone—their two hearts are destined to find each other. 

Returning home to find his father dead and the family home sold to the most stubborn woman he’s ever met, Dylan knows he has his work cut out for him. He also knows the moment he lays eyes on Lily Bennett that she is the woman he’s meant to love. The pull is undeniable. When a prospector shows up in town in search of the ruby and its secrets, Dylan will stop at nothing to keep Lily safe, even if it means sticking closer than she’d like. He’ll use the hunt to uncover the truth about the jewel as a way of keeping the stubborn woman close. With unwelcomed ghosts and an overprotective family standing in his way, he has his work cut out for him to get through her barriers before he can convince her that she’ll find love again….a love with him. 


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Chance Encounter

(Bennett Sisters Book 6)


The Bennett’s are back. 


Reporter Delaney Chance is used to secrets and uncovering the truth. It’s her job.  When secrets surrounding her mother’s death get in the way, she’ll stop at nothing short of murder to see that the truth is revealed and the killer is brought to his knees. Clues lead her on a dark and deadly path where her past is chasing her, her informants are dying, and the truth is sequestered away for her to find. Encountering more than she bargained for is predictable. She’s lived her entire life being taught to expect the unexpected. When a handsome stranger stands in the way of the answers she needs, she’ll do whatever is necessary to get exactly what she’s after.  


John Bennett is a man ruled by his dreams, dreams that have eerily predicted trouble in his life and for those he loves. For years they have centered on his family and he’s learned to accept them as part of his family’s unusual DNA. He’s had one goal his entire life—a job with the FBI. When his dreams turn into nightmares, he’s left with little choice. His life on hold, he must help the stranger on the run, doing everything in his power to help her on her quest.


They’ll have to work together to get rid of her threat. When passions heat up and tempers flare, while searching for the truth, it’s a race to see who crosses the finish line with their heart left intact.



(Bennett Sisters Book 5- Also the spin into the new series Phantom Protectors)

   When FBI Agent Rick Thompson is asked by long-time friend, Mike Bennett to look into his newfound sister’s past, he stumbles upon more than he bargains for. Not only is Lydia Steven’s gifted like the rest of her sisters but she’s a force to be reckoned with. The secrets that surface make her a wanted woman in more ways than one. He knows what he has to do, but getting the stubborn redhead to agree to his plan is a lot harder than he originally thought. How can he expect her to trust him, when he can’t even trust himself?

   Lydia Steven’s has been running from men since the fateful night she saved a soldier’s life. It isn’t her charm or even her pretty face that has inspired the unwanted attention. It was her gift. Having been caught red-handed using her telekinesis skills had every man she knew wanting to use her for their own personal gain. Lydia’s only dream in life of settling down with her new family was slipping further and further out of reach as each day brought new hurdles and challenges to face.

Can Lydia trust the one man that has been sent to stick by her side or is he playing his own deadly game of cat and mouse?

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The Reckoning

(Bennett Sisters Series Book 4

Dr. Elizabeth Lister has successfully eluded a stalker since graduating med school. When her luck runs out and threats start up again, she runs right into the arms of the one man who knows how to make her blood pressure rise and her heart skip a beat. Detective Mike Bennett has been a thorn in her side since moving to the small town. The only man she’d met that not only sparks her irritation, but reminds her she’s a woman with needs of her own. Can she set aside her conflicting feelings to let him protect her, or is running again the only viable option to keeping her sanity and heart intact?

Police Detective, Mike Bennett has had enough to deal with the way his sisters attract trouble. Between keeping them safe and searching for the man who killed his father, there’s been no extra time for a relationship. Keeping his own gift a secret has been something that he’s managed for his entire life, made even easier without the entanglements and distractions a girlfriend or wife would bring.

When new information surfaces and Elizabeth is the key to getting the retribution he so desperately desires, can he convince her to give up her new found freedom to settle the scores of the past. Or will he risk losing the one true chance at happiness he’d found in her arms?

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Mind Play
Bennett Sisters Series Book 3

When the oldest Bennett sister and popular socialite, Claire Bennett discovers several thousand dollars worth of donations missing from her charity fundraiser, she will do almost anything to clear her name and find the person responsible. Even if that means relying on the one man who could potentially break down the barriers she’s erected around her heart.


Bodyguard and family friend, Butch Edwards knows all about the Bennett family secrets considering his boss married one of the sisters. When Claire Bennett's morals prevent her from using her gifts to save herself, Butch steps in and offers up his services in any way the blonde beauty will take them.

Can she find the culprit behind her string of bad luck, before Butch breaks down every barrier she’s put in place?

Or will his wild and flirty ways, scare her off before they can uncover the secrets around the threat?



Touch of Fate

Bennett Sisters Series Book 2

Forensic Investigator, Abby Bennett believes only in the facts. When a case she’s working on takes a deadly turn in her direction, she’s now more determined than ever to catch the killer running rampant in her town.

When fate steps in and brings FBI agent, Ryan Douglas, into her case, she never expected to see the only man who crushed her heart 18 years ago that left her alone and pregnant.

Can she put her hurt aside and work with the only man who holds the answers or will she end up dead trying, when the killer sets his eyes on her?


Bennett Sisters Series Book 1

A woman hell bent on keeping secrets. A man digging for the truth. A passion they can’t fight.


A family secret of special abilities has Café Owner, Emma Bennett, running for her life from a deranged psychopath bloodthirsty for revenge. Can she keep her growing desire and secrets hidden from the one man sent to protect her or will misplaced trust cost her not only her heart, but her life too?

While on vacation, bodyguard and business owner, Jake Donavan, was shocked to find out his old Military friend, Mike Bennett has three beautiful sisters. His impromptu visit was definitely starting to look up. When Mike needs him to keep Emma safe for just one night after a failed attempt on her life, fate steps in and changes his life forever. Keeping his hands off the curvy brunette is a challenge he’s not sure he can win. He’ll use all of his skills and resources necessary to make sure the little spitfire stays safe and sound in his arms, right where she belongs.

They may just discover more than they bargained for.




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