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Cree Blue Box Set

A light, cozy mystery series with fun loving characters starring a snarky psychic who can see ghosts. 





Dead Wrong

Cree Blue Psychic Eye Book 1.



Psychic Cree Blue has made a deal with the devil. To save a life and solve her cold case, she'll have to prove that sometimes the devil is just plain innocent. 


Psychic Cree Blue's identity is a secret, and her help in solving cold cases is strictly off the record. She isn't known for her finesse, but she's good at what she does. Her intuition and insight have never steered her wrong.

When there's an attempted murder on the only detective who knows her secrets, she's willing to step outside the safety of her anonymity and insert herself smack-dab in the middle of an active investigation. She has the skills to help, but convincing the sexy, skeptical detective to accept that help is much harder than dealing with the dead.

With an attempted killer on the loose and another cold case nipping at her heels, Cree will risk more than her secret identity to solve both cases. She'll risk her sanity and her life.





Deadly Vows

Cree Blue Psychic Eye Book 2.



Psychic Cree Blue is working on a cold case where the motives and suspects multiply like the spices in her cooking. When Davina Richards went missing the day before her wedding, people assumed she was a runaway bride. Only Cree knows differently. This bride skipped being a missing person and landed smack-dab in the dead zone. One thing is certain; the ghostly apparition is out to set the record straight and needs Cree’s help.

Chock full of more guarded mystery than the Colonel’s secret recipe, the case of the deadly vows is Cree’s toughest cold case yet. She’ll have to rely on more than her intuition and insight if she wants to solve this mystery.

It’s no longer a question of who wanted to silence the bride; it’s a matter of which one pulled the trigger.





Dead Famous

Cree Blue Psychic Eye Book 3.



A dead actress. A missing diamond. A mystery left unsolved. 
Psychic Cree Blue is at it again, and this promises to be her toughest case yet.

Normal people search for celebrities when they go to Hollywood. Cree Blue isn’t normal. She’s searching for a killer and a missing diamond whose ownership could change the destiny of a small country. 

Given the mounting list of suspects and red-hot secrets with the potential to destroy lives, she’s willing to risk it all to find the truth, even if that means immersing herself in the secret lives of the rich and famous. Her only hope is that this trip to Tinsel Town doesn’t steal her life too.





Deadly Ties

Cree Blue Psychic Eye Book 4.



A mischievous ghost. A family secret. Cryptic, unsolvable clues. Just another mystery in the life of Cree Blue.

Cree Blue doesn’t play by the rules, not when it comes to the people she loves. Other people’s opinions have never factored into her decisions. She’s kind of stubborn like that. 

When tragedy strikes close to home and threatens the very fabric of her personal Zen, she’s determined to solve the mystery. With a little help from her friends and an unruly ghost, she needs to find the killer and fast. When the clues start disappearing, and it turns into a race for the truth, she dusts off the running shoes she’s been saving for a zombie apocalypse to get the answers they all need, even if this is one mystery better left unsolved. 





Deadly Bliss

Psychic Cree Blue discovers that crime doesn’t stop, even when celebrating the best day of her life. 

When her cousin is abducted from the wedding reception and used as bait to earn Cree's compliance, Cree’s left with little choice but to go along for the ride. In order to hurt the party-crashers, she needs to be in striking distance. Every southern woman with a flip-flop knows that.

Cree realizes exactly what’s at stake when tasked to solve a mystery surrounding a national security crisis. Refusal isn’t an option, especially when the killer specifically requires her involvement. She’ll need more than her insight and intuition to solve this mystery, but with the help of her super-secret spy husband, she might just end up saving the nation.

Cree last book cover t-shirt  Final with

Deadly Flirtation

Cree Blue has found her dream job, but solving cold cases has landed her in the hot seat...again.

Teaching FBI recruits to work unsolvable crimes using unorthodox methods should be easy for an experienced psychic like her. But when a cold case of brutal serial murders lands on her desk, it puts her in the killer’s crosshairs and pins a target to her back.

This deadly game of Catch-A-Killer just got real.

The killer’s first mistake is turning his fixation on Cree. He shoots to the top of her personal Most Wanted list. Taunting the suspect with her quick wit and sharp tongue is as big a gift as seeing ghosts, and nothing stands between a southern girl and her will to survive.

With time running out, Cree must identify and stop the killer before he strikes again, adding her name to his victim list.

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