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The Hex Sisters Cozy Mysteries

Witch Unleashed.jpg
Witch Unleashed

Book 1

Venture Island is more than a premier supernatural tourist destination. It’s the Venture family’s bread and butter, the home where Tess Venture grew up and now works as head dog in charge of guest services. She doesn’t question the visitors’ strange requests or phobias; they pay big money for her family to accommodate their needs. It’s not her job to understand. It’s her job to get it done. 

When a death omen appears, and a notoriously wicked witch dies, Tess has her hands full trying to uncover the killer’s identity when everyone, including her own father, had a reason to commit the crime. 

With the help of a sexy investigator it’s a race to untangle the web of secrets, even when they reveal truths about Tess’s own family’s betrayals.



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Witchy Trouble.jpg
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Witchy Trouble

Book 2


Tess Venture inherits her grandmother’s inn, prompting her to leave the island for the first time and find her place in the world. With the promise of uncovering answers of her witchy origins and meeting sisters she never knew existed, she arrives in the sleepy unfamiliar town and soon discovers that her grandmother’s inn is even stranger than the island Tess left behind. 

Tess stays in the monstrous house the town people believe should be demolished, taking care of people she doesn’t know for a woman she’s never met. She’s required to make good on guest obligations she didn’t even make before any answers about her family are revealed. 

When the first death omen appears before she’s even unpacked her suitcase, all clues point to mysteries surrounding her grandmother’s death, where, just like everything in this town, nothing and no one seems as they appear and a killer is walking free. 

Witch Bait- Tess Book 3.jpg
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Witch Bait

Book 3


Nothing is more deadly than a wicked witch with a grudge.

When Georgia, the first of Tess’s sisters, finally shows up to claim the antique shop she inherits, a dead witch is discovered inside. 
To unmask the killer they’ll have to outsmart him.
Outmaneuver him.
Out-spell him.
Only one problem stands in her way—Tess isn’t trained to fight like a witch.

You’ll adore this cozy mystery, watching Tess and her sisters on a magical journey to catch a killer while trying to juggle relationships and daily problems. 

Get it now.

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Witchy Warning

Book 4

Nothing can go wrong in the antique shop Georgia Fontaine inherited. It’s just a shop, right?

Except an unexpected shipment containing somebody’s head shows up and shoots her theory to pieces.

Spending time with the sexy cop who shows up to investigate isn’t a hardship and Georgia throws herself into helping him solve the crime. But the deeper they get into the mystery the larger the list of suspects grows. They’ll have to resort to all sorts of witchy tricks to narrow the list and solve a whodunit for the record books.

Another exceptional cozy mystery rocks their small town and that takes the Hexford witch sisters on a magical journey.

Witch Hunt-  Book 5.jpg
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Witch Hunt

Book 5


I'm keeping a secret from my sisters, and it's a doozy.

Our father isn't actually dead, but he will be if I can't find his hidden journals to stop his torture. So I pretend to be interested in getting to know my witchy sisters and my ancestral roots, when in reality, I've known about them all along.

When a murder is committed on coven property and the prime suspect knows my true motive for being in town, I have to shift my focus to prove his innocence. If my sisters ever find out the truth, they'll not only hex me but I'll lose any chance to save our father's life.

In this intricate game of half-truths and lies, there's more than one life hanging on the line and to save their lives, I'll solve the mysteries one clue and one spell at a time.

Witchy Past-  Book 6.jpg
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Witchy Past

Book 6


IDeath follows me everywhere.
No place is safe, not even home.
No occasion is exempt, not even my wedding.

When Death shows up in the form of a serial killer intent on stealing my life, and the lives of those I love, we’re locked in a battle of desires—his longing to leave me dead and my yearning to unmask him before he can strike.

Other than death and taxes, only one other thing is certain; if I fall, I’m taking this killer with me.

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