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Time Watch

Book 1- Time Sweepers Series



They live among us. 

Pretenders, Seekers, and Scholars that don’t belong in our time. 

Sarah Weston knows who they are. It’s her job to play babysitter, concierge, and occasional bouncer to these time-traveling tourists. She monitors their movements and tracks them in the streets to make sure they don’t break the course of history.

Until one day they do. 

When an unsanctioned injured time traveler runs right into the middle of Sarah’s operation, it will be a race against time to figure out who she is, what she wants, and just where in the time line she came from. 

Take a peek behind the curtain into one of big brother’s timeless secrets of an organized world where time travelers from the future not only come to visit but sometimes end up staying. It’s a suspenseful quest about exposing secrets and discovering the truth. 





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Time Keepers

Book 2- Time Sweepers Series




Time Analyst Sarah Weston has one job: Making sure travelers from the future don’t mess up the present-day timeline. Chasing illegal jumpers and killing futuristic AI creatures looking for a new home was never in her job description.

When the fabric of time is disrupted, she’s committed to stopping the rogue tourists by any means necessary. Even if it means she has to travel to the future herself. While the world has changed, even in the future, the Time Council members are still arrogant, opinionated and bossy. 

To save the lives of everyone she loves, Sarah will break her own rules and jump back to where the danger started to neutralize the threat before they ever make their first jump. 

With killers hot on the trail, if she fails, everything, past, present and future faces catastrophic and irrevocable change.





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Time Rogue

Book 3- Time Sweepers Series




Time Analyst Sarah Weston may have thwarted a crime against time, but her job isn’t done yet. The mastermind’s accomplices need to be caught before one tries to rise to the occasion and finish what the old man had started.

Catching them should be easy. Sarah has the equipment to track them. She has the means to apprehend them, and she has the determination to see it through.

That is, until she chases one straight into a deadly trap that not only leaves her stranded in a time that isn’t her own, but with no way to get back home. When killers show up to finish the job and wipe her from history, she’s left with limited options. There is only one way she will make it out alive.

To survive, she will have to turn rogue and break the rules just like those she’s chasing.




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