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Phantom Protectors are a group of talented men  and woman with one goal in mind. Take down the Blackstone Society and all of the territory bosses along with it. The Society's main goal is to build an army to overtake not only the Phantom Protectors but the entire government. It will take all of their talents to beat the infamous Mr. Black and stop him from world domination. The war is just beginning.

Reckless Abandon

Phantom Protectors Book 1

Super soldier Jamie Bloom has been through hell and back. Fighting bad guys was an every other day occurrence in her line of work with the other Phantom Protectors that she calls family. Manipulating emotions and healing powers had been a bonus…until now. When Lydia, the group visionary, predicts that finding the answers to Jamie’s past is the only way to save the group from certain demise, there was only one thing she could do to find the answers they needed. It wasn’t fear of fighting the deranged lunatics that scared her the most, it was finding the answers she’d been searching for all of her life that might be the one thing that finally puts her in a grave.

Bodyguard and family friend, Maxwell Briggs was assigned with one duty and one duty only; which was to guard Lydia Bennett, the Phantoms visionary, from attack. When Lydia has a vision that jeopardizes not only her safety but everyone’s in the unit, there’s only one thing to do...stop the threat before it stops them. Working among the gifted group without powers of his own is a challenge most days. But when they needed his natural gift to help Jamie complete her mission, he’ll stop at nothing to see that she finds what she so desperately desires.

Power hungry, Benjamin Floyd, is known for preying on the weak and taking what he wants. When he sets his sights on Jamie’s gifts, he may just get more than he bargained for from the warrior princess.


Phantom Protector Book 2

For years, Gracie Lister has fostered an image of party-goer and all-around bad girl. After trying to convince her father, the leader of the Phantom Protectors, that she was just as resourceful as anyone under his command, she’d given up hope of ever being accepted, and who could blame her? Never measuring up to her father’s standards was something she learned early on to embrace. Now she knows it’s time to ditch the persona she’s created and show the world what she’s truly made of.  After successfully infiltrating the last territory boss and helping to bring the man down, how hard could it be to do again? She knows she’s headed in the right direction and will stop at nothing to bring down the man who threatens her happiness. When long-forgotten memories emerge, they threaten not only her game of spy she’s playing but also her life. Left broken and betrayed, she struggles to find the energy and strength to fight back.

Second-in-command Ridge Connors likes his life neat and tidy. He lives for the dangerous missions, constantly proving his rightful place within the Protectors hierarchy. When tasked with babysitting the one woman who is strictly off limits, he must struggle to douse the fire she ignites inside him long enough to keep her alive.

Mastermind Freddie Sinclair has plans of his own to set in motion. Awakening Gracie’s long-forgotten memories and secrets is part of his master plan. When she realizes she’s nothing but a pawn in his game for power, the real fun begins.

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(Phantom Protector Book 3)

Phantom Protector by day, playboy by night, Brody Connor has never had a problem seducing women. It’s an asset that he considers ranked up there with his ability to move objects with his mind. It’s been nine, long, sexually tensed months since he’s been paired with new partner, Tara Clarkston. So why is it that she’s the only one who he can’t get to succumb to his charms?


Tara Clarkston has to fight more than the scumbags the infamous Mr. Black keeps sending her way. She has to fight the roaming hands, heated glances, and verbal foreplay from her new playboy partner.

So what happens when Fantasy meets Reality?


When ex-lovers, a corrupt business partner and the vengeful spawn of Mr. Black emerges from the shadows all bets are off.


A deadly web of lies and deceit start to unravel that threaten the very foundation of everything they once believed. A fight to the death is coming and if Brody and Tara can’t learn to work together, they’ll be dead before the fighting begins.

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Guided Loyalty

(Phantom Protector Book 4)

Betrayed and heartbroken are the words Cathy Fleming would use to describe her current predicament. A normal woman would be shattered when thrown into an unwanted situation and betrayed by those she loved; it's a damn good thing she's never been "normal". The ones closest to her should have known she’d rise from the ashes and come out swinging to reclaim her independence. Her mate won’t know what hit him, her friends won’t know what to do without her, and she’ll eventually find the inner peace and happiness she craves, family and friends be damned.


Phantom Protector Ethan Jacobs thought his mate would understand the reason he’d left her was to keep her safe. He thought she’d stay out of the way and let him do his job. He thought she’d eventually forgive him for not giving her the choice. Ethan Jacobs was wrong. His mate is stubborn, unpredictable, and, well, damn sexy when she’s pissed. Her right hook is strong, her gun sights are aligned, and her determination is deadly.


Cornered into choosing between a life of misery in order to save her friends and a slow, painful death, Cathy decides neither option will do. No one will tell her how to live her life, and she’ll be damned if anyone hurt her friends. The fight is coming, and she has plans to deliver the killing blow.  


Wolf Shifters looking for revenge, a manipulating madman out for world domination, and a stubborn mate that refuses to leave. None will stand a chance when faced with a determined woman demanding her happily ever after.

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