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Broken Justice Chapter 2!

Fractured Minds Series
Book 6

Chapter 2


Sebastian Elliot



Who the hell was this woman? Anger stirred in his veins, clogging them tight in painful proportion. Sebastian followed her to the car when her step faltered. Would he be lucky enough for her to fall and hit her head and forget everything she thought she might know?

He reached the car and pulled at the handle seconds after she hit the lock button. He wasn’t done with her. Not yet. Not until he figured out exactly how much she knew and where she’d gotten the information. That was the question eating at his mind. He’d been so careful, and yet this woman was wearing the exact clothes Dorothy had been wearing that night. He would know; he’d bought the damn outfit.

The woman in the car leaned her seat back. Her eyes were glazed. She had a needle in her hand and plunged it into her arm, pressing the trigger. “Perfect. A druggie,” he growled. “She probably wants to blackmail me.”

Sebastian pulled out his phone and took a picture of the redhead and walked to the back of the car. He took a photo of her license plate before turning on his heels.

His gaze traveled up and down the street, trying to determine if anyone had seen their exchange. Folding the flyer, he stuffed it into his pocket before getting back in the Town Car.

“Where to, sir?” James asked from behind the steering wheel.

“Home, James. I have some personal matters to attend to.”

James nodded. His dark sunglasses met Sebastian’s gaze in the mirror as he started the car. “Did you take notice of her clothes, sir?”

Sebastian’s eye twitched. “I did, James. I noticed everything.”

“Certainly, sir.”

The ride across town back to his house on the hill was in silence. James pulled up to the gate, punched the buttons, and waited for the gate to open, closing it behind them.

Sebastian had worked his ass off to get to where he was today. It was a long way from the town where he’d made his first kill. The distance was supposed to fix his urges; instead, they only intensified. People knew him now. They knew his name. He was a man to be trusted. He huffed at the thought.

He wasn’t a cop. He didn’t have a badge. He knew the type of scumbags that roamed free. Not all of them were behind bars, and Sebastian dealt with them every day in his line of work.

Sebastian stared down at the picture on his phone. The redhead was beautiful, but he still had to kill her. Just thinking about torturing her for answers made his body harden in anticipation. A smile played on his lips. The idea that someone finally knew what he was capable of had a throbbing ache tightening in his pants.


Oh yeah. She needed to die.

He needed a name to go with her beautiful face. A name to go with the next victim on his list.

“Sir,” James said, pulling Sebastian out of his thoughts. “Ms. Kenzie is at the gate.”

“Let her in.” Sebastian clicked the picture shut on his phone.

“Sir, do you think that’s wise?” James asked.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes. “No, but it is unavoidable.”

“Of course.” James pressed some buttons on his phone and held it to his ear. “Allow Ms. Kenzie entrance.”  

Sebastian stepped out of the car just as Kenzie pulled in behind them and parked. Her worried gaze held his as she crossed the driveway.

“Kenzie. What are you doing here?” Sebastian asked.

“I had to see you.” Her voice was strained and worried. “We need to talk.”

“Of course,” Sebastian said and walked up the steps to the door, gesturing her inside. He led her into his office and shut the door behind them.

Kenzie turned and latched onto him, holding on to his body. “Oh, Sebastian.” Kenzie’s voice was as theatrical as always, only today it held a pitch of a whine in its tone. “The police still have no idea what happened to my sister.”

Sebastian rubbed the woman’s back, keeping her in his embrace. “I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they get a lead.”

She leaned out of his hold, staring up at him beneath her dry eyelashes. “I know I’m just your ex-girlfriend, but I didn’t have anywhere else to go. No one understands me as well as you.”

“You’re always welcome in my home, Kenzie,” he said, leaning into her. His lips hovered inches away from her. “Always.”

He lowered his lips to hers. The kiss started as soft and inviting until he took the lead. It was hard and hot, and exactly what he needed. They would never make it to his bedroom. It wasn’t Kenzie’s face he’d be imagining as he was screwing. It was the redhead. Only when he took her, it wouldn’t be bent over his desk like Kenzie. The redhead would be tied up in his bed.

Oh yes, the redhead would be next. The sweet barista in the basement would have only a short reprieve.  



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