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Chance Encounter

(Bennett Sisters Book 6)


The Bennett’s are back. 


Reporter Delaney Chance is used to secrets and uncovering the truth. It’s her job.  When secrets surrounding her mother’s death get in the way, she’ll stop at nothing short of murder to see that the truth is revealed and the killer is brought to his knees. Clues lead her on a dark and deadly path where her past is chasing her, her informants are dying, and the truth is sequestered away for her to find. Encountering more than she bargained for is predictable. She’s lived her entire life being taught to expect the unexpected. When a handsome stranger stands in the way of the answers she needs, she’ll do whatever is necessary to get exactly what she’s after.  


John Bennett is a man ruled by his dreams, dreams that have eerily predicted trouble in his life and for those he loves. For years they have centered on his family and he’s learned to accept them as part of his family’s unusual DNA. He’s had one goal his entire life—a job with the FBI. When his dreams turn into nightmares, he’s left with little choice. His life on hold, he must help the stranger on the run, doing everything in his power to help her on her quest.


They’ll have to work together to get rid of her threat. When passions heat up and tempers flare, while searching for the truth, it’s a race to see who crosses the finish line with their heart left intact.


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