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Deadly Dreams

Book 5 in the Linked Inc. Series.



Psychic Becca Thatcher has long been haunted by visions of a killer. Her family believes it’s a thing of the past, but Becca’s nightly struggles are very much a part of her present. When the killer gets closer, Becca knows she must save the latest woman he’s stalking. Her only hope of stopping him before he kills again is to figure out how the two are connected.

Highlander Ian MacDougall is running out of time to convince Becca Thatcher to be his bride before he has to return to Scotland. He knew the minute they met that she was the one destined to tame his ways. Getting her to believe it is going to take a miracle.

When Becca’s childhood secrets are exposed, keeping her loved ones from the serial killer’s grasp is her only goal. Tracking and finding the killer before he finds her becomes her only priority. To stay alive she must focus, but dodging Ian’s advances while hunting her prey takes more than a little finesse when he decides staying in her home is the only way he can help keep her safe. In a battle of wits and wills, she’s fighting for more than her life. She’s fighting to shield her heart.





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