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(The Love Family Series Book 2)


Sherriff Declan Love is a straight arrow. Everything is black and white in his line of work. Using his ability of a human lie detector to catch criminals has made his professional life a piece of cake. He was born to protect all of the citizens on the Island. So naturally when his sister’s best friend, Olivia Parks, starts to avoid his questions and is seen around town on dates with men he doesn’t know, he’s left with little option but to find out what she’s up to, if nothing more than to save her from the heartache sure to follow. 

Shop owner Olivia Parks is tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting for Declan Love to ask her out. When her best friend, Skylar Love, starts planning her wedding, it’s even more apparent that Olivia will always be stuck in Declan’s friend zone. Time is ticking to find the perfect wedding date, and she is seriously out of practice. With the help of friends, Olivia is determined to prove to herself once and for all that she can be a desirable woman, even if Declan is too blind to notice. A little practice dating is just what she needs to get back in the game. 

Sparks fly and tempers heat when a hot football player decides to join the game giving Declan a run for his money to catch the prize of his life. The only thing Olivia stands to lose is her heart. 


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