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Destined Hearts

(Bennett Sisters Book 7)

The last and final book in the Bennett Sisters Series. 

Lily Bennett has endured more than her fair share of loss in her life. When her fiancé is killed in a hit and run, her life changes on a dime. With her ability to see ghosts, she knows it’s just a matter of time before she’ll see him again, even if it isn’t in the flesh. When he shows up and refuses to leave, his presence is a constant reminder of the pain his death has caused her, and pulling herself out of memories and loss becomes a constant struggle. 
In need of change, Lily moves back to the last place she was happy. Being around friends and family is sure to help her climb out of the depression she can’t relinquish. When the perfect house comes on the market and calls to her soul, she ignores the rumors of the legendary tale of lost love and pirate treasure that surrounds the land. She jumps at the chance to be near the comfort of her family and start a new life. 

When a long-told fairytale, handed down through each generation of his family, pulls Dylan Sawyer from his sleep, he hears the voice of the woman he’s destined to love, calling to him from across the sea. There’s no denying that the myth his parents and grandparents have warned him about is true—it’s his turn to find his soul mate. He knows, in that moment, that his life is about to change forever. An unrelenting need to go to her and comfort her overwhelms him, and, in that instant, he knows the call of the ruby has been triggered, calling her to the property where he grew up. All of the Sawyer men have heeded the call, and all of the women have been drawn to them like a moth to a flame. It is written in stone—their two hearts are destined to find each other. 

Returning home to find his father dead and the family home sold to the most stubborn woman he’s ever met, Dylan knows he has his work cut out for him. He also knows the moment he lays eyes on Lily Bennett that she is the woman he’s meant to love. The pull is undeniable. When a prospector shows up in town in search of the ruby and its secrets, Dylan will stop at nothing to keep Lily safe, even if it means sticking closer than she’d like. He’ll use the hunt to uncover the truth about the jewel as a way of keeping the stubborn woman close. With unwelcomed ghosts and an overprotective family standing in his way, he has his work cut out for him to get through her barriers before he can convince her that she’ll find love again….a love with him. 


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