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Guided Loyalty

(Phantom Protector Book 4)

Betrayed and heartbroken are the words Cathy Fleming would use to describe her current predicament. A normal woman would be shattered when thrown into an unwanted situation and betrayed by those she loved; it's a damn good thing she's never been "normal". The ones closest to her should have known she’d rise from the ashes and come out swinging to reclaim her independence. Her mate won’t know what hit him, her friends won’t know what to do without her, and she’ll eventually find the inner peace and happiness she craves, family and friends be damned.


Phantom Protector Ethan Jacobs thought his mate would understand the reason he’d left her was to keep her safe. He thought she’d stay out of the way and let him do his job. He thought she’d eventually forgive him for not giving her the choice. Ethan Jacobs was wrong. His mate is stubborn, unpredictable, and, well, damn sexy when she’s pissed. Her right hook is strong, her gun sights are aligned, and her determination is deadly.


Cornered into choosing between a life of misery in order to save her friends and a slow, painful death, Cathy decides neither option will do. No one will tell her how to live her life, and she’ll be damned if anyone hurt her friends. The fight is coming, and she has plans to deliver the killing blow.  


Wolf Shifters looking for revenge, a manipulating madman out for world domination, and a stubborn mate that refuses to leave. None will stand a chance when faced with a determined woman demanding her happily ever after.

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