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What you give is what you get.


True statement when it comes to Karma Montgomery, the Supreme Being that issues just what her name implies. Karma.


A flick of the wrist, a twitch of the nose and her charges always got what they reaped. Some good, most not. A trip to hell was in the cards for her current charge and she was going to make the bastard pay. When her raging libido gets in the way of performing her job, and an evil soul escapes capture, there is no way of knowing she’ll be personally responsible for spawning Armageddon. Armed with her witty personality, and her five inch heels, she’d do practically anything to set the record straight. Especially if it meant working with the man she’d been trying for a decade to seduce. Her Reaper.


Reap was damn good at his job. Soul extraction was his specialty. There wasn’t a soul or demon in Hell that would think twice about going up against him. So when his partner, the feisty little five foot redhead, lets her raging libido get in the way of their latest extraction, he’s assigned to help her right the wrong. The sweet taste of his own personal revenge dangling as a prize for completing the task, he’d keep his eye on the ball, and not on her ass, to save the world - even if it killed him.


A rogue soul, an unruly Essence, and an unquenchable desire brewing between Reap and Karma might be more than either one of them bargained for.





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