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Gifted empath and security expert Landon Love has spent a lifetime trying to keep everyone at arm’s length, never wanting to know what people personally think about him. His gift of sensing emotions isn’t one he’d wish on anyone…ever. 

This new assignment should be a walk in the park. His orders are to keep his target safe from those wanting to kill her and to use any force necessary to make sure she stays alive. He’s actually smug about the cushy assignment. How hard can it be to keep one small woman alive, right? 

His superiors left out one tiny vital fact when they sold him on the assignment. The place he has to take her is the last place on earth he wants to go, the one place he’s spent years avoiding. Landon Love is going home. 

Dr. Alice Page has had enough excitement to last her a lifetime. After being sent a thumb drive that led to the indictments and arrests of some influential people involved in a baby trafficking ring, she’s glad to get away from it all. They’ve promised to keep her safe and sound and out of sight while the last few families are found. Her identity is still a mystery, but she, too, is one of the babies that had been sold, though she doesn’t know by whom. With a security team assigned to keep her alive, she’s determined to uncover the truth. 

She has a contract on her head to silence her, and Landon has to find a way to weave through her charged emotions to uncover the truth to a very dangerous question. Who is Alice Page? 






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