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Psychic Charm

Book 3 in the Linked Inc. Series.



She’s his good luck charm. He’s her black cloud.

Ryker Cage is a man of many secrets and fewer words. When he comes to rely on the intuition of the only woman he trusted to help him, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive, even if that means saving her against her will.

Harper Thornton is in over her head agreeing to meet with a man she’s only ever talked to over the phone. She’s not surprised to find the man as sexy as his voice. She should have never agreed to meet. She should have walked away after one glimpse, and she most definitely shouldn’t have let him kiss her.

When their worlds collide in an intimate way, she’ll find the real reason for his fixation about her life, and her job. It will be a battle of wills to see who can outlast the other in the dangerous game of cat and mouse. The trap was set. Was she brave enough to help him steal the cheese?





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