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(Bennett Sisters Book 5- Also the spin into the new series Phantom Protectors)

   When FBI Agent Rick Thompson is asked by long-time friend, Mike Bennett to look into his newfound sister’s past, he stumbles upon more than he bargains for. Not only is Lydia Steven’s gifted like the rest of her sisters but she’s a force to be reckoned with. The secrets that surface make her a wanted woman in more ways than one. He knows what he has to do, but getting the stubborn redhead to agree to his plan is a lot harder than he originally thought. How can he expect her to trust him, when he can’t even trust himself?

   Lydia Steven’s has been running from men since the fateful night she saved a soldier’s life. It isn’t her charm or even her pretty face that has inspired the unwanted attention. It was her gift. Having been caught red-handed using her telekinesis skills had every man she knew wanting to use her for their own personal gain. Lydia’s only dream in life of settling down with her new family was slipping further and further out of reach as each day brought new hurdles and challenges to face.

Can Lydia trust the one man that has been sent to stick by her side or is he playing his own deadly game of cat and mouse?

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