Tentative Release Schedule

Dates and final book names will be added once available and may be subject to change.


January 2020          

Hacking Justice        (Fractured Mind Series- Book 5)  


February 2020

Train Wreck             (Bennett Dynasty- Book 6)

March 2020

Controlled Chaos     (Bennett Brothers- Book 1)

April 2020

Broken Justice         (Fractured Minds Series- Book 6) 

May 2020   

Guarding Justice      (Fractured Mind Series- Book 7)

June 2020 

Finding Chaos         (Bennett Brothers- Book 2)

August 2020

Killing Chaos           (Bennett Brothers- Book 3)

September 2020 

Reclaiming Chaos     (Bennett Brothers- Book 4)

October 2020

TBD                        (Bennett Brothers- Book 5)

New Psychic Series   (Book 1) 

November 2020 

TBD                         (Bennett Brother- Book 6)

December 2020 

New Psychic Series    (Book 2)

Scheduled Releases for 2021 are Subject to change


January 2021

New Psychic Series    (Book 3)

February 2021

TBD                         (Cree Blue/ Mason Cozy Cross Over)

March 2021

Time Rogue- (Time Sweepers Book 3) 



Additional schedule coming soon for all of my current series (including the release date of Mason's book from the Cree Blue Series and the final book in the Time Watch series.) 


 I'd love to hear which series turn out to be your favorites!