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(Phantom Protector Book 3)

Phantom Protector by day, playboy by night, Brody Connor has never had a problem seducing women. It’s an asset that he considers ranked up there with his ability to move objects with his mind. It’s been nine, long, sexually tensed months since he’s been paired with new partner, Tara Clarkston. So why is it that she’s the only one who he can’t get to succumb to his charms?


Tara Clarkston has to fight more than the scumbags the infamous Mr. Black keeps sending her way. She has to fight the roaming hands, heated glances, and verbal foreplay from her new playboy partner.

So what happens when Fantasy meets Reality?


When ex-lovers, a corrupt business partner and the vengeful spawn of Mr. Black emerges from the shadows all bets are off.


A deadly web of lies and deceit start to unravel that threaten the very foundation of everything they once believed. A fight to the death is coming and if Brody and Tara can’t learn to work together, they’ll be dead before the fighting begins.

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