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Strong bonds tie FBI agent Lexi Carrington to her two best friends. When one of them goes missing while working undercover on a case involving Hathaway Enterprises, Lexi is determined to do whatever it takes to find her. She’ll finish solving the case Catherine was working on and capture the parasite responsible for her disappearance, even if that means repositioning herself back into the high society she’s spent a lifetime renouncing.

Billionaire Trip Hathaway has spent months waiting for the undercover agent to tell him who’s responsible for the corporate espionage and embezzlement occurring inside his company. When his investigator comes up missing and there is evidence of foul play, he knows she was getting close to providing the answers he needs, He realizes it’s time to call in someone with a personal stake in solving Catherine’s disappearance.

Out of options and running out of time, Trip and Lexi enter a rocky alliance and take matters into their own hands. Leaving nothing to chance and with the same goal in mind, they devise a plan to bring Lexi into his circle. Marriage offers her the perfect cover for finding answers. Now they must work together to uncover the truth. A truth that could change both of their lives.

When Lexi’s real identity is leaked, she and Trip are forced to deal with his meddling mother, drug lords looking for revenge, and a thief willing to kill to get what he wants.

Who knew an arranged marriage could be so complicated?

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